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Workforce Issues Top List of Executives' Strategic Priorities

A global study by Accenture of nearly 500 business leaders found that human resource issues are the top concern for companies. That study found that "changing organizational culture and employee attitudes" is the number one business issue on the executive agenda. Also ranking near the top of the list were "reducing workforce-related costs" and "improving workforce performance." For the detailed report, refer to http://accenture.tekgroup.com.

  • Do your companies regularly measure the investments and business impact of the training and development initiatives against factors such as retention, employee satisfaction, innovation, productivity and quality?

  • Do you use information technology to give employees greater control over how and when they access the training and development programs; and ensure that their workforces understand their customers' needs?

Leading companies do well when they consider these factors and provide guidance to others seeking to create and sustain a high-performance workforce.

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